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Then a clear ray rushed from the east like arms, stretched out to the forest, embraced it, covered it with gems, fell in golden streaks on the dew-blue grass on the lawn, where the slender figure of a roe deer stands out sharply against the background of golden light.

The forest is still slumbering in the predawn silence... The trees stand motionless, wrapped in darkness, abundantly covered with dew drops. It's quiet all around, dead... Only here and there a bird will wake up, speak with an uncertain voice from its comfort. The forest is still dozing... and something is already happening with the blue sky: it turns pale, as if from terror, then bursts with light, as if from joy. The sky changes, the sky plays with all kinds of colors, a pale glow touches the tops of the black forest... Finally, the forest trembled and played to itself... Excited leaves whispered, telling their dreams, an insect stirred in the grass, a loud chirping broke out in the thicket and it rained high - to where the sky changes, where the sky plays with all kinds of colors.

Evgeny Kiselyov,
the pastor of the church

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